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Finally, you`d like to like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on changes in family law. In addition, you can also reach us via the live chat feature at the bottom right of the screen. Don`t leave this to chance, make sure your agreement is legally binding. Have it done professionally by a leading lawyer in Alberta. No formal legal process is required to make separation legal. However, marriage is a legal relationship and can only end with a court order granting divorce. The rights and obligations of each spouse should be set out in the agreement in clear and unambiguous language. Spectrum Family Law`s divorce lawyers have the experience of helping Calgary couples manage this process. If there is no cruelty or adultery in the relationship, this is the only reason for a divorce.

Being able to prove the date of separation is therefore crucial. In addition, Alberta courts require the following provisions to be met for the agreement to be legally enforceable: Lawyers use telephone, email and video chat software to communicate with our clients. The fact that our lawyers work mostly from home saves them money on rent. Since they save money on rent, they can offer lower prices for family law agreements. It`s as simple as that. Of course, they can also meet you in person if necessary. Family law can be expensive. It`s even more expensive if you do it yourself and make a mistake. No.

You don`t need a separation agreement to separate and divorce in Alberta. The applicant must have attended the seminar before applying to the court for the care of your children under the age of 16. Proof of appearance is required by the court clerk before your divorce lawsuit can be determined for trial. Proof of the presence of the party bringing the action for the main hearing must be submitted to the court. If you are not contesting the divorce or if your children are over the age of 16, you and your spouse do not need to attend the parenting seminar after separation. However, you must confirm in writing that you and your spouse have entered into an agreement that sets out any issues between you. Technically, you don`t need lawyers until you finalize and file your separation agreement. Both parties must have their own lawyers.

If one party has created the agreement, the other party must receive the ILA. Whether you and your spouse are considered separate or not depends on your situation and jurisdiction. Living separately and separately does not necessarily mean that each spouse must live in a different place of residence. Often, a couple continues to live in the same house for financial reasons or for children, even if they consider themselves separated. .

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