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Therefore, it can be easily confirmed from different Steiner definitions that if strategy means different for different people and authorities, it also means different within an authority or individual. For example, Steiner as an individual could not find an overall sense of strategy, but provided different views on the meaning of strategy. Nevertheless, this definition lacks some key elements of planning. For example, it does not recognize goals, mission and core values, which makes the strategy complete these days. In addition, Mintzberg adopts the strategy of being the position that reflects decisions to offer certain products or services in a particular market. However, this importance also has some shortcomings, as it does not imply the means to provide these products or services in order to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Nevertheless, according to Johnson and Scholes (2008), regardless of the meaning or definition of this strategic concept, there are some fundamental elements that must be taken into account when developing a corporate strategy. Therefore, with these definitions, it is evident from the perspective that the importance of the strategy has never been widely recognized by researchers, scientists and authorities in the field of management and other related disciplines. Despite the lack of a one-way street cited by these authorities, there are several commonly used key elements with which almost all authorities seem to agree in terms of the importance of the strategy. Nevertheless, it is also important to note that strategy is always about the means to achieve the goals and, therefore, despite the different meanings adopted by different authors, authorities and schools of thought, the key elements of the strategy remain universal in all these meanings. In short, it is important to recognize that the document has examined the concept of strategy in a multifaceted manner, given the importance of the strategy as provided by various authorities in the field of management and related areas. DWA acknowledges and confirms its agreement to all allocations in DWS`s books and records on the effective date (but with the express exclusion of allowances under the General Agreement, the allocations of which remain subject to DWA`s audit rights) or as set forth in DWA`s approved distribution service agreements in effect on the effective date.

An organization must be guided by what needs to be done to create value for its core business. Nevertheless, it should not seek to serve and satisfy the needs of all, but the basic needs of the organization should be those that are prioritized and all efforts are directed towards their realization. .

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