What Is A Convertible Loan Agreement

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The lack of governance (if the convertible bond is used as start-up financing without questions already reserved) is therefore seen by most convertible investors as a necessary evil that they accept either to get a foot in the door in a competitive financing situation, or when there is enough confidence in the founders not to “mess things up”, before the loan is converted. All of this, of course, is subject to a relatively short period of time before the investor can demand repayment or conversion (if there is no equity financing). Investors in convertible bonds who are not yet shareholders therefore generally need a relatively short term of 6 to 12, in rare cases also 18 months. . The loan will be converted into equity in the event of conversion events specified in the terms of the convertible bond. The conversion can be done automatically or by notification. Normal automatic conversion events are as follows: The convertible bond could provide for the loan to be converted into equity on the maturity date. If so, the conditions should clearly indicate whether the conversion is automatic or by notification. If the conversion is made by notification, the conditions must clearly indicate who has the right to announce the conversion.

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