Warranties In A Subscription Agreement

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It is important that a lawyer ensures that statements under the agreement are not misleading or misleading or involve unwanted and illegal costs. Neither you nor your investor want it, that`s for sure! Once all parties have signed the agreement, the process described in the agreement will have to be followed. Representations and guarantees of the companyOur investor will probably make concrete demands on what they wish to represent, none of which should surprise after the negotiation and timing phase of the investment. The guarantees contained in an equity subscription contract can be broad, for example. B a guarantee that the company has the authority to conclude the contract, that all relevant information has been made available to the investor and that the directors or founders do not know of any additional information that could influence the investment. Guarantees can also be very specific, for example. B a guarantee that the company has the necessary licenses and/or intellectual property for its activities. Previous ConditionsThe terms of the precedent will establish all the conditions that one of the parties must meet before the agreement comes into force. This may include directors of the company who make the appropriate decisions or, possibly, deeds on behalf of the buyer that are necessary to become a member of the company. ConfidentialityThis clause speaks for itself. Both parties will generally agree to a reciprocal confidentiality clause. SlicesThe slice clause will contain the details of the agreement, which are usually contained in the account sheet: As mentioned above, a share subscription contract is just a kind of stock offer document.

If your investor has not applied for an equity subscription contract, it would not be in the company`s interest to offer it. Another alternative is a share offer/subscription letter in shares. This is a shorter document that still contains the main conditions and mechanics of the investment, but does not contain business or business creation guarantees. Instead, the investor must perform his own due diligence. A stock offer/subscription letter is often used in or Series A rounds when carried by family and friends or angel investors.

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