Unit 7 Subject-Verb Agreement Answers

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Auxiliary verbs are, have and change form to verbphrases to show agreement with third-person subjects. 18. These large enterprises (involved, participate) themselves in all facets of agriculture. 8. One of their unique characteristics (is, are) their particular feet. 20. Others (think, think) he (hurts, hurts) small farmers. 13. Computer (executes, executes) many tasks in modern farms. No.

C 12. This bird blooms like other tropical birds of seeds, nuts and fruits. . 16. They say it is cruel to raise animals in such harsh conditions. 1. Any type of parrots, Aras and Cakadu (east, are) a member of the family Psittacidae. 14. It now takes about 1.4 hours of work to raise 100 chickens, up from 16 hours in 1945. 6.

Some people experiment with ostrich farms. SINGULAR PLURAL It takes. You take. She`s nice. They are nice. It was ripe. They were ripe. A predicate name that differs from the subject by paying can be confusing. Only the subject acts on the binding verb. 15.

Despite all this progress, the number of farms (growing, growing) is decreasing every year. 14. Fruits of almost all species provide additional variety in the diet. C 5. Bright colorful llras from South America make attractive pets. No. C 13. Several good quality food mixtures are commercially available. . Bird breeders from all over the world (enjoy, enjoy) the beauty of tropical species.

16. Of all parrots, only kakapos are completely unable to fly. Nestor is a family member with his heartbreaking kittens. 17. To create better breeds of livestock, some scientists are experimenting with animal genes. 1. Fewer animals die from diseases due to advances in veterinary science. 14. The talent for talking about African gray parrots is unmatched. 4.

A relatively large head compared to the body (different, distinguishes) these birds. No. C 18. The best of all the names we considered was Nestor. C 2. His knowledge of birds seems superior to the other store. . He rushes home. You go home. She has arrived. They have arrived.

Does it have a means of transport? Do they have a trip? Each verb must correspond to its subject personally and in number. Most verbs have a differentiated form only in the present tense; If the subject is singular in the third person, a -sor – it is added to the base abr. The binding verb is an exception. It changes both in the present and in the past. 10. Newly developed weed killers (increases, increases) the yield of the crop. 11. In intensive farms, buildings keep a large number of animals in a small space. No. C 17. The tasks of caring for the bird are easily shared by the whole family. 1.

The United States still produces (produces, produces) a large part of the world`s food supply. . 2. Birds of this family (varies, vary) from three to forty inches. 41K Many moderate regions of the southern hemisphere (houses, house) parrot families too. 18. Aras with its bright plumage (east, are) is characterized by its pointed wings and agriculture (remains, remains) which is vital for the interest of every human being. 3.

Scientists continue to look for ways to increase meat supply. C 9. Their lack of color is compensated by the intelligence of parrots. Look at 7. Gray birds next to the cockatoo look interesting. 5. A working day for a peasant today (equal, equal) about a week of effort for our grandparents. 6. The hardest nuts (represent, represent) small challenge for their big hanging notes.

8. Seeds (are, are) designed to withstand extremes in climate and disease. 8. In the southern states, some peasants breed alligators. 3. Other relatives in this family (including) Lories, Nymphs parakeets and conures. The first act was juggler. (The Singularverb, was, in accordance with the singular subject, to act.

The verb is not influenced by predicate nominative jugglers.) The cookies were Mike`s name _______ .

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