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Through the negotiation of a series of new trade agreements, the Government of Canada has increased its QRR obligations for raw materials managed by suppliers of the 20 TRQs established in 1995 under the World Trade Organization to 42 TRQs that are now managed. Implementation of the Canada-U.S.-Mexico agreement would bring this proportion to 58 TRQs. In order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of stakeholders, it invites stakeholders to comment on the allocation and management of these services. Over the past three years, following successful negotiations on new trade agreements, Canada has introduced several new tariff quotas (TRQs) for supply-managed products. In particular, information on the TRQ is available via the market access card developed by the International Trade Centre (ITC). This instrument is essential for micro-enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries and least developed countries, which have limited access to reliable business information. The revised market access map now has new features, including improved data visualizations and a new download feature. It enables traders, policy makers, negotiators, support institutions and researchers to better understand and analyze market access conditions (including the TRQ) in order to explore new markets, develop better trade policies and negotiate more successful outcomes in trade agreements. In general, management methods that can separate the distribution of rents from that of trade can mitigate the distorting effect of the former. On the other hand, methods that grant quota rents to quota imports are responsible for promoting a unilateral distribution of trade. [19] Such distortion is a consequence of the fact that quota rentals attract suppliers who are otherwise not competitive enough to enter the market. The commercial share is no longer determined by the relative effectiveness of suppliers, but by their access to quota rentals. [20] The EU has an agreement with New Zealand with the TRQ, which allows certain duty-free imports of lamb meat, and the UNITED Kingdom currently collects about half of it.

To some extent, it corresponds to the United Kingdom: we consume much more lamb legs than shoulder legs, so that the ability to import legs and at a time when local production is the lowest (i.e.

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