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Once you have found a subtenant, you design a contract containing details such as the duration of the sublet, contact details, monthly rent, number of people living in the apartment/house, maintenance needs, etc. Make sure that you and the tenant are sublet and signing the contract. Keep the original and make copies for the subtenant and your landlord. Make sure that you also deposit in your contract a deposit that you can use in case of repair or maintenance necessary during the subletting of your place. You`ll also find subletts online or ask your landlord for recommendations. There are many websites where you can promote your subletting, including UW Off-Campus Student Housing, and Kijiji. You can also advertise on local billboards or post on Facebook – really anywhere you think you can find the right person to sublet. Once you`ve found interested people, interview them and ask plenty of questions that share those of your roommates and your requirements. If someone doesn`t seem to be fair, you`re not afraid to consider someone else.

It is almost impossible to find a place that allows short-term rental for people who, due to conditions of cooperation, work, a travel plan without a semester, etc., have to move in and move permanently into their accommodation. Finding a suitable place for a 4 or 8 month semester is difficult and an added stress if you should focus your time on your studies and work. Many students choose to sign a 12-month lease with sublease plans during the months they don`t use it. This task can be a challenge, as you not only need to find a subtenant to take your place, but also find someone reliable and responsible. Another problem with subletting is that you have to constantly move your belongings in and out of the room, which takes a lot of time. Be sure to read your lease carefully to determine whether or not it prevents you from subletting. If it is said that you cannot sublet, you should speak to your landlord, who must provide you with written proof why it is not advisable for you to sublet….

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