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The accused may also benefit from oral arguments. Advocacy agreements provide quick relief from the fear of prosecution because they shorten criminal proceedings. In addition, pleas generally give defendants less punishment than they would if they were convicted of all counts after a full trial. Suppose, for example, that an accused has been charged with driving under the influence and an accused of possession of a controlled substance intending to sell. If the accused goes to court and is convicted of both counts, he could be sentenced to several years in prison. However, if the prosecutor agrees to plead guilty to sell the possession charge with intent, the prosecutor may drop the charge of driving under the influence. The end result would be a slightly shorter prison sentence than would result from the inclusion of the other census. Under the same agreement, the prosecutor may also agree to reduce the remaining charge in exchange for something from the accused. For example, the prosecutor may ask the accused to testify against the drug supplier or to set a case against the supplier by acting as a police officer. A reduced tax, z.B. of possession with the intention of selling in simple possession, would further reduce any possible prison sentence. Finally, the prosecutor may recommend to the court that the accused be served a shorter prison sentence than the maximum sentence permitted by the simple property law.

The Japanese system, officially known as the “system of consultation and mutual agreement” (協議-制度, kyogi-goi seido), advocates for the prosecution of organized crime, violations of competition law and economic crimes such as securities law violations. The prosecutor, the accused and the defence counsel each sign a written agreement that must be immediately admitted into evidence in a public court. [60] John H. Langbein argues that the modern American plea system is comparable to the medieval European torture system: if the court finds that the evidence presented is insufficient to support the charge or that an application for a decision is filed without a substantial examination of a case in violation of the requirements of Georgia`s Code of Criminal Procedure. , it reimburses the case to the prosecutor`s office. The court before the case is returned to the Crown offers the parties to amend the terms of the agreement. If the amended conditions do not comply with the court, then he will return the matter to the prosecutor`s office.

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