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Three agreements for development projects in the conflict-ridted Rakhine State were also signed during the presidential visit. Rakhine State has experienced widespread violence in the past and dozens of Rohingya have fled the state to escape persecution. India and Myanmar exchanged 10 agreements on Thursday, four of which focus on building water systems, distributing electricity through solar power, and building roads and schools in Rakhine state on South Asia`s west coast. India is Burma`s fourth largest trading partner after Thailand, China and Singapore, and the second largest export market after Thailand, which accounts for 25% of its total exports. [7] India is also Burma`s seventh largest source of imports. The governments of India and Myanmar have set a target of $1 billion by 2017 and bilateral trade has reached $1.3 billion. [7] The Indian government is committed to developing air, land and sea routes to strengthen trade relations with Myanmar and establish a pipeline. [5] [7] While India`s private sector participation has been low and has increased slowly, the two governments are working to strengthen cooperation in the fields of agriculture, telecommunications, information technology, steel, oil, natural gas, hydrocarbons and food processing. [5] [7] The 1994 bilateral border agreement provides for border exchanges from three designated border points, one in Manipur, the other in Mizoram and Nagaland.

[7] Project Agreement for the construction of Kyawlyaung Street- Ohlphyu and Kyaung Taaw Kyaw Paung Street in Buthedaung Township as part of the Rakhine Prime Mnister State Development Programme Narendra Modi and Myanmar President Myint held talks at Hyderabad House, and 10 agreements were signed between the two countries. Many agreements have focused on development projects that are sanitizing India, particularly in the conflict-ridred Rakhine State. But a combination of deteriorating security and a demand on India to maintain its administrative presence (the Burmese army regularly crossed the porous border into India) and demonstrate its potential for distribution in its northeastern border regions prompted India to formalize the border. In fact, Delhi`s urgency to sign the agreement was that it eventually lost territory near Moreh to Manipur, not out of will, but because of last-minute technical errors from its card makers. Other agreements called for cooperation on the prevention of human trafficking; The rescue, rescue, repatriation and reintegration of victims of human trafficking. India and Myanmar signed 10 agreements on Thursday focusing on the southeast Asian country`s socio-economic development, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi having held in-depth talks with Myanmar President U. Win Myint. one. I found India`s decision not to consult with state governments before turning to Rangoon to formalize the border, somewhat counterintuitive. Indeed, if it is the engines of internal and security policy that have influenced the public relations moment in Delhi, why alienate those who wanted to advance the well-being of India and whose lives should be influenced by the border agreement? At the heart of this question is the element of continuity between India and Burma`s colonial past until its post-colonial present at the time.

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