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Companies should ensure that when they decide to terminate an agency agreement, they provide a notification that corresponds to the corresponding notice periods. On the other hand, compensation is a payment for the damage caused by the termination of the contract; There is no cap on compensation and it appears that coronavirus has forced companies to adapt to a new way of operating and, as a result, companies are forced to review their current contracts and reorganize the way they conduct transactions to reduce costs where possible. The number of requests for termination of a commercial agency contract has increased. This may or may not be done exclusively and the regulations apply to all agency relationships, whether the agency contract is written or not. A fixed-term commercial agency, which both parties continue to operate after the expiry of that period, is considered to be converted into an indeterminate contract. In certain circumstances, an agent is entitled to “compensation” or “compensation” in the event of termination of the agency contract. During each notice period, they [the seller] should continue to perform their duties normally until the effective termination, as they are still under contract. There are a number of different ways to terminate a sales office report with respect to the notice period required by both parties to terminate it: – If the commercial agency regulations apply, an agency contract may be terminated indefinitely by any party terminating termination: compensation applies, unless the parties have expressly opted for compensation. Therefore, when an agency agreement is silent, the alternative of compensation applies. The agent is entitled to termination compensation if and to the extent: with the exception of a termination due to the omission of the other party, which would justify the immediate termination of the sales agency contract under Regulation 16 (see below), the minimum termination provisions of Regulation 15, paragraph 2, cannot depart from the minimum termination provisions.

An agency may be terminated by the parties on the basis of an agreement on this matter or by acts of the other party that are attributable to the refusal (see practical references: termination and expiry of contracts and refusal). Written agency agreements should state that any agency agreement may be subject to different rules, any infringement for which the agreement may be terminated and any specific provision applicable after the termination of the Cheshire firm, SAS Daniels, that an agency agreement may be subject to different rules and have set out what you need to know before terminating a contract. A third possibility (and very similar to the second option according to the above data) is the sales agency, which is terminated after a minimum number of months, reflecting the minimum time frame for the duration of the distribution agency`s operation, but not ending on the last day of the last month of the notice period – this would reflect Regulation 15 (4). which allows the parties to “agree in another way” that the end date of an indeterminate contract is not in compliance at the end of the month. For example, if the client insists on compensation rather than compensation, this raises the question of whether the client could be characterized as a breach of his obligation of loyalty. To say that it was would mean that the Court of Justice could rewrite the de facto agency contract, which would be unthinkable. It is therefore important to be aware that even if your business is affected by coronavirus and you want to “cut” the middle man to reduce costs, the sales agent has certain rights if you decide, as a client, to terminate the contract.

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